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Multimedia Intern

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Ideal Applicants: Early-career students seeking practical experience in creative industries, artistic production, and multimedia development; little to no previous experience required. [1st – 4th Year Students]

Duration: 5-12+ flexible hours/week alongside busy academic schedule; positions semester-long or year-long; weekly responsibilities prioritize quality of project experience rather than quantity of hours logged.

Objective: Equip interns with hands-on experience integrating real-world career functions with artificial intelligence (AI) competencies in multimedia across various mediums.

Interns in this role will be assigned to projects based on their skills, department needs, and current organizational goals. Responsibilities vary by specific assignment within the department but may include:

  • Strategic Leadership and Execution Support:
    • Provide support in leading projects, events, and strategies in photography, videography, and various forms of multimedia, ensuring alignment with branding and messaging.
    • Help implement and adapt strategic visions across multimedia projects, supporting the creation of unique visual experiences through generative art and digital projections.
    • Assist in managing the full lifecycle of multimedia projects from planning through execution, supporting timely delivery and adherence to quality benchmarks.
    • Help oversee workflows, resource allocation, and project setups, utilizing AI-driven design tools under guidance to automate processes and enhance creativity.
  • Content Distribution and Asset Management Assistance:
    • Assist in documenting events and highlighting services through multimedia content, ensuring alignment with strategic marketing plans.
    • Help manage the dissemination and strategic distribution of content across multiple platforms, assisting in the oversight of storage, cataloging, and retrieval of multimedia assets.
    • Provide support in coordinating teams and resources across departments, aiding efficient collaboration and equipment maintenance.
  • Innovation in Art and Design Assistance:
    • Assist in the facilitation of fashion collections/events in physical/virtual environments.
    • Support the use of AI or other instruments to generate innovative music or soundscapes.
    • Help in employing AI-powered tools for digital painting and drawing.
    • Assist in the design and creation of sculptures using 3D printing and virtual reality.
  • Performance and Installation Art Support:
    • Provide film and performance production support, from script writing to post-production.
    • Assist in developing interactive installations and integrating AR and motion capture technologies to create immersive performance environments.
  • Operational and Creative Management Support:
    • Aid in the coordination of day-to-day operations, including scheduling shoots and managing multimedia equipment.
    • Assist in overseeing digital creation environments like virtual reality sculpting and 3D printing, ensuring smooth project integration across various departments.
  • Content Production and Quality Control Assistance:
    • Help produce and oversee the creation of content for events, promotional activities, and editorial needs, supporting the maintenance of high standards of quality and creative integrity.
    • Assist in supervising the editing and enhancement of multimedia content, including photography and videography.
  • Department-wide A.I. Integration Support:
    • Utilize AI tools like Adobe Premiere Pro’s Auto Reframe, Descript, and Canva to automate and enhance creative processes, boosting production efficiency and creative output across any artistic mediums.
    • Provide support in technical aspects and creative oversight across multimedia projects, ensuring all content meets strategic and brand standards.

**Our internships are eligible for academic credit towards specific degree programs (3 credit hours = 120 internship hours completed). Eligibility varies by individual and degree program, so please specify degree program details when applying to ensure you meet the requirements.

Application Instructions:
Please make sure to select "Multimedia" when prompted. This will ensure your application is considered for this specific department's internship. You are welcome to select multiple departments/sectors for consideration if you are interested in more than one opportunity. Explore Opportunities: [ ]

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Listing Expires: May 29, 2024
Major(s): Advertising, Journalism, media, Media, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Newspaper, Public Relations