Careers and Corporate Partnerships

Job Posting Approval Policies

All postings must contain accurate information concerning the position(s) being advertised. We reserve the right to deny the approval of job postings that are proven to be fraudulent or misleading in their description to potential candidates.

We also reserve the right to decline postings that require a financial investment by candidates, or positions that may involve unreasonable risks or postings for positions that conflict with the NACE Principles of Ethical Professional Practice.

All job postings will be reviewed by one of our staff members and approved within two business days of being submitted by the employer. Postings will expire after four weeks. If a posting needs to be removed from the job/internship board, please email with a link to the posting.

The following conditions apply to posting a position on CJC job/internship board:

  • All organizations must agree to all EEO / Affirmative Action requirements and guidelines.
  • No start-up or investment fees will be charged to students or alumni.
  • The job/internship board will not be used to solicit business of any kind.
  • No job posting will be allowed by Third-Party Recruiters representing organizations that have not already completed the necessary paperwork with the UF Career Connections Center.

For more guidance about posting on the CJC job/internship board, please contact