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Academic Publication Fellow

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Ideal Applicants: More advanced students seeking leadership and deeper engagement in academic content development and publication; professional experience and foundational industry understanding is required. [2nd – 4th Year Students]

  • Encouraged majors/areas of study: Statistics/Mathematics, Sociology, Anthropology, Education, Data Science, MIS, Law, AI and Machine Learning, Cultural Studies, Journalism, Accounting, Language Studies, Business Administration/General Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Information Technology, AI and Machine Learning.

Duration: 7-12+ flexible hours/week alongside a busy academic schedule; positions semester-long, year-long, or more—varies with individual student goals, abilities, and performance; weekly responsibilities prioritize quality of project experience rather than quantity of hours logged.

Objective: To advance students’ leadership and professional expertise in academic publications, intersecting real-world career functions with artificial intelligence (AI) competencies. Fellows will develop essential skills in overseeing the production of academic and educational content, managing partnerships with academic institutions, and utilizing AI tools to optimize research and publication processes.

Fellows in this role will be assigned to projects based on their skills, department needs, and current organizational goals. Responsibilities vary by specific assignment within the department but may include:

  • Leadership in Content Development and Production:
    • Lead the transformation of qualitative data into visual, statistical, and educational formats suitable for research publications and training modules.
    • Direct the production process to ensure content adheres to academic standards and SafeStride’s educational objectives.
  • Data Analysis and Utilization:
    • Supervise and conduct detailed data analysis to extract accurate insights and integrate this research into engaging and informative educational content.
  • Collaborative Content Creation and Oversight:
    • Manage the creation of content that visualizes data and enhances the understanding of research findings.
    • Collaborate with research teams and academic partners to ensure pedagogical soundness and engagement of all content.
  • Partnership and Relationship Management:
    • Cultivate relationships with academic institutions and journals to enhance research visibility and impact.
    • Coordinate with teams to ensure alignment of materials with organizational goals.
  • Publication, Compliance, and Educational Material Enhancement:
    • Handle the preparation and publication of research articles and educational materials, ensuring compliance with academic standards.
  • Project and Quality Management:
    • Oversee multimedia projects to maximize the educational value and impact of research findings.
    • Guide team members to ensure consistency and quality in all outputs.
  • Specialized Educational Strategies:
    • Develop materials tailored to the needs of diverse learners, enhancing their involvement in SafeStride’s programs.
    • Facilitate inter-departmental collaborations to create accessible research presentations and educational tools.
  • Department-Wide Technology Integration:
    • Utilize AI tools such as for comprehensive literature reviews and QuillBot for enhancing text clarity and originality.
    • Support sophisticated AI use in research processes, enabling precise and high-quality academic work.

**Our fellowships are eligible for academic credit towards specific degree programs (3 credit hours = 120 internship hours completed). Eligibility varies by individual and degree program, so please specify degree program details when applying to ensure you meet the requirements. 

Application Instructions:
Please make sure to select "Academic Publication" when prompted. This will ensure your application is considered for this specific department's fellowship. You are welcome to select multiple departments/sectors for consideration if you are interested in more than one opportunity. Explore Opportunities: [ ]

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Listing Expires: May 29, 2024
Major(s): Advertising, Journalism, media, Media, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Newspaper, Public Relations