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Digital Marketing Fellow

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Ideal Applicants: More advanced students seeking leadership and deeper career engagement in digital marketing; professional experience and foundational industry understanding is required. [2nd – 4th Year Students]

  • Encouraged majors/areas of study: Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design/Development, Public Relations, Journalism, Digital Media, Data Science, Computer Science, Communications, MIS, AI and Machine Learning, Information Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Duration: 7-12+ flexible hours/week alongside a busy academic schedule; positions semester-long, year-long, or more—varies with individual student goals, abilities, and performance; weekly responsibilities prioritize quality of project experience rather than quantity of hours logged.

Objective: To advance students’ leadership and professional expertise in digital marketing, intersecting real-world career functions with artificial intelligence (AI) competencies. Fellows will develop skills in crafting and executing digital marketing strategies, managing content production, and analyzing data-driven results, equipping them with digital marketing leadership applicable to any industry sector.

Fellows in this role will be assigned to projects based on their skills, department needs, and current organizational goals. Responsibilities vary by specific assignment within the department but may include:

  • Leadership and Team Management:
    • Lead and manage teams across digital marketing functions including designers, content creators, and advertisers.
    • Provide strategic direction to enhance performance and ensure alignment with marketing goals.
    • Manage resources and workflows for efficient operation and timely delivery of projects.
  • Design and Content Production:
    • Conceptualize and execute design strategies for digital marketing including graphics, animations, and video content.
    • Develop SEO-optimized content for multiple platforms such as blogs, social media, and web pages.
    • Manage content calendars and oversee the production of content that drives traffic and supports marketing goals.
  • Digital Advertising and Campaign Management:
    • Oversee digital advertising campaigns from concept through analysis on multiple platforms.
    • Craft and manage targeted email marketing campaigns including segmentation and post-campaign analysis.
    • Optimize campaign budgets and resources for maximum ROI.
  • Strategic Planning and Execution:
    • Align digital marketing strategies with business goals through collaboration with marketing strategists and other departments.
    • Manage website content and functionality updates to enhance user engagement.
  • Quality Control and Optimization:
    • Ensure the quality and visual appeal of all digital assets, maintaining brand consistency.
    • Optimize website performance and user experience.
  • Strategic Collaboration:
    • Facilitate collaboration between the marketing department and other departments to ensure integrated efforts and strategic alignment.
    • Provide technical support and manage logistics for digital marketing projects.
  • Department-wide A.I. Integration:
    • Evaluate and optimize digital marketing tools and platforms using AI tools like HubSpot and Adobe Sensei to enhance performance.
    • Analyze data to identify trends and provide insights for strategy refinement.

**Our fellowships are eligible for academic credit towards specific degree programs (3 credit hours = 120 internship hours completed). Eligibility varies by individual and degree program, so please specify degree program details when applying to ensure you meet the requirements. 

Application Instructions:
Please make sure to select "Digital Marketing" when prompted. This will ensure your application is considered for this specific department's fellowship. You are welcome to select multiple departments/sectors for consideration if you are interested in more than one opportunity. Explore Opportunities: [ ]

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Listing Expires: May 29, 2024
Major(s): Advertising, Journalism, media, Media, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Newspaper, Public Relations