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Marketing Internships (Summer/Fall)

  • Internship (Unpaid)
  • Gainesville or Remote
  • Minimum Education Required: N/A
  • Minimum Experience Required: 0-3 Years

Website Loss Prevention Research Council

What is the LPRC: The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) is a community of over 70 Retail Organizations, 80 Solution Partners, and a dozen partner organizations coming together to help establish evidence-based best practices to help improve safety, loss prevention, and combat fraud. The LPRC has a team of graduate level researchers to help validate current practices, technology efficiencies, and help push the future of retail. Our reach is global and we speak to senior leaders in marketing, operations, and loss prevention at major companies daily.

Four Types of Intern Positions Available for Summer/Fall 

  • Social Media Intern 
  • Event Planning/Content Creation 
  • Engagement Campaign 
  • Research Marketing Intern

Internship Descriptions 

 Social Media Intern 

Description: As a social media intern you will be responsible for the creation and execution of a successful social media campaign to help share the LPRC story both with members and potential members. You will have the opportunity to generate graphics and copy while following the LPRC branding guidelines to an audience of Vice Presidents, Senior Directors, and C-Suite for some of the world’s largest retailers. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Create engaging graphics for social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) 
  • Generate copy for posts 
  • Share the LPRC Story with the world 
  • Assist in promoting all LPRC events and conferences 
  • Promote membership  
  • Other duties that come along 

Event Planning/Content Creation 

Description: As an Event Planning/Content Creation intern you will be responsible for helping generate marketing materials for our conference booths, LPRC organized events, and other external events. Your work will be in front of hundreds of industry professionals including marketing directors for over 80 solution providers and 70 major us Retailers including Target, Walmart, and Amazon to name a few. 


  • Assist in creating collateral for tabling at conferences  
  • Assist in tracking/developing sponsorships 
  • Assist in coordinating with third party vendors 
  • Assist in creation of graphics for LPRC Events 
  • Other duties that come along 

Engagement Campaign Coordinator 

Description: As an Engagement Campaign Coordinator you will be responsible for generating a strong email campaign to help engage our retail and solution partners. This would include publishing a weekly e-Connect newsletter under the supervision of the Marketing manager. Our newsletter currently reaches an audience of over 2,600 people and gets picked up by industry media frequently.  


  • Assisting in creation of weekly newsletter 
  • Generate email campaigns to be used in event promotion 
  • Assist in writing copy to share research content directly 
  • Create email campaigns for sponsorship opportunities 
  • Other duties that come along 

Research Marketing Intern 

Description: As the Research Marketing Intern you will work closely with the research team to help develop graphics and copy to help explain and simplify complex theories and projects to our membership. Your work will be shared directly to major retailers, and your work may have the possibility of being published.  


  • Generate visuals to help explain research process for projects 
  • Create graphics that may be utilized in major research projects  
  • Develop copy to help simplify complex theories and papers to our audience 

To apply for this job email your details to

Listing Expires: June 10, 2022
Major(s): Advertising, Public Relations