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Production Technician

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Minimum Education Required: N/A
  • Minimum Experience Required: 0-3 Years

Website HSN

The Opportunity

HSN is looking for a TV Production Technician that is energetic, dependable and has a willingness to adapt to the needs of a fast-paced production environment.  This role works in various crew positions during a live 24/7 network operation and has intermediate working knowledge in some video production techniques such as Audio, Graphics, Camera, Studio Floor Operation, and Assistant Director.

Who We Are

The Studio Production team is comprised of the Line Producers, Technical Directors, Coordinating Producers, Assistant Producers, Production Technicians and Lighting team.  Studio Production brings the HSN products to life, live on television,, the HSN app, as well as other mediums that reach our HSN customer.  The main objective for the team is to provide a comprehensive, engaging presentation which highlights the features and benefits of the products that we sell.

Your Impact

The Production Technician team members are trained in several disciplines within the live show and are assigned where needed each shift and show block.  Working in a team atmosphere, the Technicians prep support materials, studios and control rooms for the live (as well as recorded) productions.  Creativity and constructive input are paramount to highlight the product being presented on air with the end goal of supporting an engaging and informative presentation.

Assist with camera blocking.
Assist with microphone and IFB checks.
Maintain the studio and control room by keeping the area clean and properly reporting equipment issues.

What You Bring

  • Bachelor’s degree in Television or Mass Communications or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 1 year of live television or related experience
  • Applied basic working knowledge of at least one video production technique, including: Audio – multi source (at least 5) management for live broadcast, adjust source levels for proper output, EQ microphones, maintain proper gain structure on inputs, adjust IFB settings, route/adjust feeds, intermediate knowledge of Calrec audio board settings/operations, monitor audio output.
  • Graphics – ability to operate windows based software, type quickly and efficiently, cross references multiple systems.
  • Cameras – effectively run video levels, proper use of waveform and vector scope, maintain proper shot composition and shot focus, route sources, proactive anticipation of presentation camera needs, monitor video output.
  • Studio Floor Operation-  block cameras on studio floor, set up basic camera levels, white balance cameras, place microphone on talent, use of proper verbal and non-verbal cues, proper use of lighting board, applied basic knowledge of studio lighting, control flow of product and people on studio floor, prep multiple studios.
  • Assistant Director – utilize several video/still playback systems, manage support during the live broadcast.
  • Availability to work morning, nights, weekends and holidays.

Application Instructions:
Please apply online with attached resume to be considered

To apply for this job please visit

Listing Expires: November 10, 2021
Major(s): Media Production, Management, and Technology