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CNN News Associate Program – Atlanta

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Your New Role…

The CNN News Associate program is designed as a hands-on rotational position to allow early career journalists to gain exposure and develop their journalistic skills. Participants will be based in Atlanta for the 12 months of the program. You will be working with some of the best in the industry and will play a vital role supporting CNN Worldwide. This program will also provide access to networking and coaching with the best & brightest throughout the year. This a unique experience that will jump start your career in journalism. Ideal candidates will be those looking at careers in journalism such as producing, content creation, writing, reporting, or working on an assignment desk.

You will rotate in 3-4 rotational assignments across teams at CNN’s Atlanta Headquarters that are closely associated with daily newsgathering. You will have the amazing opportunity to build editorial and production skills working with CNN’s assignment desks, chasing stories, calling sources, recording and logging video. You assist with research for CNN Digital or embed with talented reporters and producers in the southeast bureau. CNN is an organization that is 24/7, candidates will work in the office or hybrid, and can work various schedules including overnights, weekends, and holidays.

Your Role Accountabilities…

Key responsibilities include:

  • Work with editorial leads on researching, logging, and writing stories.
  • Monitor a variety of sources, including other networks, social media, and local news to assist in newsgathering efforts.
  • Record video and upload images, document the who, why, what, and where for producers to access around the world.
  • Research and fact check news scripts and digital stories.
  • Assist producers and correspondents in story production in the bureau and the field.
  • Identifying and pitching diverse voices in storytelling and in newsgathering.

Qualifications & Experience…

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, political science, or demonstrate on the job experience.
  • An internship in a news environment or previous newsroom experience is preferred.
  • Stellar communication skills and a strong curiosity for current events and industry trends is a must.
  • Ability to successfully work under deadline pressure and in a team effectively in person or hybrid.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced, newsgathering, and production environment
  • Be agile, flexible, and able to work with multiple teams.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a creative mindset.
  • Strong knowledge of the Microsoft Suite, including Outlook.
  • Bi-lingual skills are highly valued.
  • Writing skills must meet a basic proficiency level.

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Listing Expires: August 8, 2024
Major(s): Journalism, Media Production, Management, and Technology