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Active Learning Program Internship

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What is Active Learning?

Active learning engages students in direct, meaningful experiences and focused reflection to facilitate learning, develop skills, clarify values, develop complex problem-solving skills, and build their capacity to contribute to projects and communities. Active learning occurs in the ALP through classroom activities, online curricula, and our internship-research projects.


What Can I Expect in The Active Learning Program?

The Active Learning Program (ALP) is both a semester-long internship-research program and a 4000-level 3-credit professional development course. Our program connects undergraduate students with faculty and community mentors engaged in internship and research projects.

Students in our rigorous program:
  1. Earn valuable, mentored internship/research experience and knowledge in their career field;
  2. Develop their personal-professional strengths, values, mission, and brand;
  3. Build their professional and interpersonal skillsets in collaboration, communication, and stakeholder engagement;
  4. Create professional deliverables that can be used in their internship/research experience and as early career professionals.
Accepted students will be offered a position with one of the Summer C or Fall 2024 internships or research projects based on their degrees, experience, knowledge, and preferences. Accepted students will be enrolled in our 3-credit IDS4940 course by a UF administrator. If you accept an internship position, you can expect 5 hours of internship/research work a week and 2 hours of coursework a week.

Our Summer C course section meets remotely, so all summer students will be in the same remote section. Because our Summer C course is online, UF Online and Innovation Academy students are invited to participate in our Summer C program, but not the Fall program. Although the course is asynchronous remote, internship and research projects may operate in-person, remotely, or both in-person and remotely—be sure to check the projects’ format before applying.

Our Fall course meets in-person. There are three possible course sections, with each internship assigned a section so that all interns can collaborate in-class and on Canvas. We will meet for class every other week on the day listed with two class periods, and students can use the remaining class time for meetings with their internship team. You must have all the 3 class periods associated with an internship open in your ONE.UF class schedule to join the ALP. Internships and research projects may operate in-person, remotely, or both in-person and remotely—be sure to check the projects’ format before applying. Because our course meets in-person in the Fall, UF Online Students & Innovation Academy students cannot apply for Fall projects.
Our course sections for Fall are:
  • Tuesdays P5-6 (11:45am-1:40pm) and Thursdays P6 (12:50pm-1:40pm)
  • Tuesdays P9-10 (4:05pm-6:00pm) and Thursdays P10 (5:10pm-6:00pm)
  • Thursdays P7-8 (1:55pm-3:50pm) and Tuesdays P8 (3:00-3:50pm)
Note: To participate in the ALP, students must be able to enroll in our class, have no registration holds on ONE.UF, have no classes on their ONE.UF course schedules that conflict with the course section(s) matching their requested internship(s), and will not be over-enrolled in too many credits after our 3-credit course would be added to their schedule.

Application Instructions:
Visit Qualtrics link above to submit application.

Listing Expires: April 25, 2024
Major(s): Advertising, Journalism, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Public Relations