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The O’Connell Center is now hiring

Looking for a fun and dynamic work environment? The O’Connell Center is now hiring!


The O’Connell Center provides an exciting and dynamic environment that makes us unlike anything else. Being a crew member requires teamwork, dedication, and a friendly, positive attitude to contribute to the many events held at the facility. The O’Connell Center offers flexible scheduling by allowing crew members to self-schedule from a list of shifts based on our event schedule. Shifts range from before, during, and/or after events held inside and outside of the building.

Shifts are categorized by three major divisions: Event Staff, Changeover, and Technical. Crew members can work shifts interchangeably within all 3 divisions. For Event Staff shifts, you will be working inside or outside the building upholding the policies of the building, the university, and the event for which you are working. You will also be assisting patrons by answering questions or helping them to their seats, scanning tickets, and maintaining a friendly and positive attitude throughout the crew. For Changeover shifts, you will assist the facilitation of the setup and breakdown of events, as well as helping maintain cleanliness during events. For Technical shifts, you will be assisting with the stage, electrical, and audio aspects of the event.

You will be trained before you can work any of these shifts, so no prior knowledge or experience is necessary but is always welcomed.

You must be available to work weeknights and weekends, especially home football game days in the fall, and commencements in the Spring.

The O’Connell Center part-time student employment position offers one of the most flexible job opportunities for students on campus. You have the ability to schedule yourself around your class and exam schedule. We are an employer who understands that your classes and school come first; simply put, you sign yourself up for the events and shifts that you are available to work. We just ask that you take your position with us seriously and understand that your consistent hard work is what keeps our events running smoothly, so while scheduling is flexible, you must work consistently. We do ask for a few non-negotiable commitments so please make sure you are able to fulfill the following requirements prior to applying:

  • It is our expectation that you are working at least 25 hours per month during the fall and Spring semester.
  • You must work a minimum of one holiday event shift per semester. Events such as basketball, commencement and concerts happen even over holidays and school breaks. A holiday is considered any day that classes are cancelled. We need your help during these times!
  • You must work 2 football-related shifts during the fall semester. This can be on the Friday or Saturday of a home football game.
  • You must work one Fall Commencement and two Spring Commencement shifts. There are many ceremonies and we need all of our staff in order to meet the requirements of these high-profile events.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You cannot “double dip”. Example: if you work a commencement shift that occurs during winter break, it does not count as your holiday shift as well, you would still need to fulfill that requirement with a separate shift.

Applications close at 11:59 pm on August 1st, 2024.


To apply for this job please visit

Listing Expires: August 2, 2024
Major(s): Advertising, Journalism, Media Production, Management, and Technology, Public Relations